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hat happens when the Patient is in Charge?. As many of you know in conferences it comes down to many issues and opportunities but my three takeaways were:



Marc Niemes, Founder HealthXN


The problems are not new and have been discussed for 30 years. But there has never really been a catalyst for change. Population changes and the need for better economies of scale will force these change upon the industry.

Those working in Health are perhaps some of the brightest minds around, but seem trapped within their organisational mindset. Or put simply the problem is just too big for any one person to solve and organisations aren’t always the most nimble or empowering.

 And most contentious of all, the problem may not actually be money as there are large budgets around, it may just be the application of tools to support people to care, not administration and procedures that just seem to add extra lawyers. We know what digitisation can do, but its Binary, are we just increasing the speed of a bad process?



Written by HealthXN